Kid Power Programs

Kid Power Programs offers 2 GREAT shows designed to help children develop the skills and behaviors necessary to make health-enhancing choices. Both shows are highly interactive, packed with characters, puppets, clever visuals, and audience participation.

Show #1: Nutrition & Exercise -
"Kid Power’s Operation Lunch Line" (in 3D)- is a highly interactive 50-minute musical show designed to help children in grades K-6 learn the value of good nutrition and exercise. (Children love the souvenir 3D glasses included.)

Brief Synopsis:
Kid Power is the leader of Operation Lunch Line. He believes kids have the power to FEEL GREAT by eating healthy foods and exercising daily. His base of operations is Mission Control which is uniquely powered solely from audience participation. Today’s operation: Help a child feel great. Using spectacular visual effects in 3D, the entire audience miniaturizes, joining Kid Power on an amazing journey inside the human body of a boy named Max, who feels lousy because he doesn't eat or move properly. The operation, aided by anatomical sidekicks, such as the brain and heart, monitors Max’s inactive behaviors and poor food choices in the school lunch line day after day. Through audience participation the kids not only educate and motivate Max, but in doing so, learn they too are special, filled with all the "kid power" needed to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to make health-enhancing choices and FEEL GREAT.

Show #2: Environmental Conservation -
“Kid Power & the Planet Protectors” is a highly interactive, 50-minute musical show, designed to help children, in grades K-6, learn about our natural environment and the actions they can take to help protect it.

Brief Synopsis:
Kid Power is an environmental crusader here to recruit his team of Planet Protectors. Through participation the kids earn “99 Green Points” to become members of the team. Throughout the performance, kids learn they must do three things to become exemplary Planet Protectors:

1. LEARN - about the environment and conservation.

2. DO - specific actions every day to help the environment.

3. TEACH - others about the Earth and how to help preserve it.

The show addresses each of these three elements in the three areas of the environment:

1. WATER - the Hydrosphere: Water Cycle, available water percentages, finding and stopping water leaks, simple ways to reduce water usage.

2. EARTH - the Lithosphere: land pollution, Animal Habitats, Endangered Species, habitat destruction, how bugs can help, alternatives to pesticides, composting, Reduce/Reuse/Recycle, sustainability.

3. AIR - the Atmosphere: how to reduce energy needs and pollution, electricity conservation, greenhouse effect, global warming, reducing carbon footprint.


musical theater
Health- Nutrition/Exercise

Pricing Information

Pricing starts at: $$250 w/grant-share, $950 standard


Grade level:  elementary school, library/civic
Performance Length: 45-60 minutes
Workshops/Residencies: No

Pricing Info

1 Show = $250 w/ grant-share
($700 grants available to all schools)
1 show = $950 standard pricing
2nd show = $450

Technical Information

Set-up Time: 30-40 minutes
Strike Time: 30-40 minutes
Performer Needs: need to borrow a 6' folding table


Bruce Wilson
Telephone: 800.834.9334

Address: 2317 Cardinal Drive
Wichita, KS 67204